NETGATE Registry Cleaner

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 18.0

Clean and defragment Windows registry, and remove unneeded files and apps

NETGATE Registry Cleaner can optimize your computer’s processing speed and disk usage. Besides, it contributes to preserving your privacy. The application has a nice tabbed interface, and despite the long list of features supported, it is easy to be used by beginners and experts alike. However, if you don´t like the colors, you can easily use another skin. While it is not active, it runs as an icon in the System Tray.

Probably the action with the greatest impact on performance is Registry Cleanup. This optimizer can scan your system’s registry to find different types of errors. Surprisingly, it found multiple errors in my machine even when I had used another optimizer quite recently. Fortunately, unlike many other similar paid applications, this one allowed me to actually remove those errors. My only complaint in this respect is that it doesn´t allow the users to remove individual entries, which are grouped into categories instead. However, it keeps a record of all the changes you make, so you can undo them if something goes wrong. This is an absolute advantage over other tools of its kind. Also in relation to the registry, the application can defragment it by reorganizing its entries. Similarly, it can create registry backups which allow you to restore it to a previous state.

If your computer is taking too long to boot, it’s probably because there are too many applications that start along with the system. Most of the times, an intelligent management of startup programs can solve this. Fortunately, this is something else you can do with NETGATE Registry Cleaner. Moreover, it lets you uninstall batches of applications, which is not possible with other tools. The program can also have an impact on disk space and privacy by removing traces of your activity, such as temporary files, lists of recent documents, saved passwords and visited URLs.

In general, NETGATE Registry Cleaner can actually improve your computer´s stability and performance. Luckily, it allows scheduling frequent cleanups.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It can clean your registry
  • It allows undoing changes to the registry
  • It lets you uninstall batches of applications
  • It allows scheduling frequent cleanups


  • It doesn´t allow the users to remove individual entries
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